Purification Cartridges & Filters

Compressor Parts, Purification Cartridges & Filters by Lawrence Factor carries a huge selection of air compressor filters and breathing air filter cartridges for use in fire rescue or Scuba diving equipment. Our selection includes some of the biggest names in OEM and aftermarket filter manufacturing, ensuring the utmost quality for your compressed air systems. Simply enter the product manufacturer or the Lawrence Factor filter part number you’re looking for in our search tool or browse our extensive category lists organized by brand to find the right filter or filter cartridges for your needs. With the selection available, it’s easy to find the perfect breathing air filter or compressor filter cartridge. For high-pressure compressed air or inert gas systems, our exclusive L-Factor “once through” X-pendable filter cartridges are a great choice. Our precision X-pendable filter cartridges are highly effective and tested by the U.S. Department of Defense. These replacement filter cartridges are recognized around the world as the premier filter for mission-critical compressors or breathing apparatus. X-pendable cartridges are precision engineered for outstanding performance and are charged with laboratory-formulated purifying media. The L-Factor X-pendable cartridges are designed expressly for optimum contaminant removal from compressed air systems.