Oil & Media

To maintain performance for critical compressed air systems, many models require routine lubrication. Lawrence Factor provides our customers with a huge selection of oil and media for most major compressed air system manufacturers. These lubricants and cleansing agents are designed expressly for the purpose of enhancing system performance of your air and gas purification equipment. From breathing air compressor oil to diving air compressor oil and lubricants, every product Lawrence Factor carries is of the highest grade and purity standards in the business. We carry oxygen-safe lubricant pastes for maintaining seals in breathing air systems as well as silicone lubricants to keep o-rings and threaded parts at peak performance.

Many compressed air systems, especially those used for breathing air and gases, require purification media. These media separate water vapor, particulates, and hydrocarbon residues from the air stream to protect purity levels. Lawrence Factor provides our customers with a range of media options to choose from, including silica gel used for low pressure systems as well as molecular sieve desiccation media for breathing air and laboratory gas dehydration purposes. Our monoxycon catalyst media converts carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide, eliminating harmful levels in breathing air compressor systems.