Filter Towers

Lawrence Factor air/gas purifier filter towers are built tough to withstand demanding applications and critical purity standards for pressurized air systems up to 15000psi. Based on a disposable cartridge concept, the Lawrence Factor filter tower appliances are able to purify air and gases that exceed most recognized industry standards for safety. These purifier towers and filtration units remove harmful contaminants like hydrocarbons, water droplets, and suspended particles. Take a look at our wide range of options, all built to exacting specifications and using materials like stainless steel couplings and fasteners to ensure the utmost in quality and performance. We provide our customers with an array of options, from adsorbent cartridge holders to budget-minded economy purifiers, micronic particle filter holders, and many standardized purifier towers. Mechanical cartridge holders carried by Lawrence Factor help to remove bulky solids and contaminants before they can overload the downstream adsorbent cartridges. To supplement the existing filtration on high-pressure air compressor systems as used in laboratory air purifiers, our line of Hyper purifier towers are a great choice. These offer oxygen compatible air standards even when the primary filter system fails. For servicing these air/gas purifier systems, Lawrence Factor also carries an impressive collection of service kits suitable for maintaining your critical systems at peak performance.