Air Testing

Breathing air systems in use by fire rescue personnel and Scuba breathing equipment requires routine testing to ensure optimal performance and safety. For breathing air testing equipment, Lawrence Factor is your one-stop shop, offering our customers a range of options and brands to choose from, including the biggest names in the air testing industry. The X-zam Labs air and gas analysis testing systems make collecting an air specimen as easy as possible, perfect for the do-it-yourselfer. The lab set includes everything needed within the Lawrence Factor company’s patented compressed air testing kit. We’ll even loan the compressed air test kit to our customers at no charge!

For the breathing air testing kits we carry, trapping the air specimen is simple. They work in just the same way as the cylinders you’re already accustomed to filling, eliminating the complicated gadgets or vials in other testing systems that can make routine breathing air sampling more difficult. The tests can be conducted on a one-time basis or you can enroll in a specialized testing program where samples are analyzed on a regular schedule that you set up. Lawrence Factor has taken the guesswork out of this critical air system testing, letting you concentrate on other tasks.