The Dangers of Failing to Service Diving Gear


Dive equipment should be renamed life-support equipment.  Proper routine service and care is vital for this equipment to function properly.  Failing to maintain equipment properly can mean the different in life and death.

Keeping Equipment in Top Condition

Take the case of a diver in 2002 who failed to properly check his equipment before diving with a friend.  He assured his friend that all of the equipment worked properly when he stored it 2 years prior and there was no need to pool check the equipment before diving.  After all, the wreck was visible 90 feet down, the seas were calm, and he was an experienced diver.

Due to corrosion on the inlet filter and internal piston assembly, salt water was able to reach the regulator 2 years prior when the unit was stored.  This corrosion decreased gas flow by 75 percent.  When the diver dropped below 33 feet, the volume of air required to maintain normal oxygen levels exceeded the corroded regulator’s ability.  The lack of oxygen, increased stress, and quickly depleted air supply caused the diver to suffer a heart attack and die at the bottom of the ocean floor.  Had this diver replaced the correct compressor parts, this tragedy could have been avoided.

Following Manufacturers Recommendations

All diving equipment should be kept in tip top shape.  When storing equipment for more than a year, first- and second-stage seats should be serviced yearly.  O-rings made of rubber can dry and crack with age and should be replaced annually.  Even a few droplets of salty seawater can significantly decrease the ability of a regulator’s inlet filter flow capacity.

Divers who take care of cleaning their equipment after every dive help to keep the interior components working properly.  Drying these components by rinsing the regulator thoroughly and storing the regulator with the dust cover in place are critical to maintain safe and properly working equipment.  Annual maintenance can catch minor lapses that could lead to major catastrophes if not addressed.

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