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Scuba Diving: How to Prevent Breathing Contaminated Air

Symptoms of breathing contaminated gas can range from impaired judgement to loss of consciousness to even death. Choose the best Compressor Parts to Avoid Harmful Contaminants Depending on the type of contaminant in the gas, a diver’s health can be put at risk.  Symptoms can range from a slight headache to death depending on the […]

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Firefighters: How to Avoid Resistance to New Technology

For firefighters, breathing apparatus was once viewed as a cumbersome delay to fighting fires.  From dismounting the apparatus, removing the SCBA from a cabinet, and then donning a heavy steel cylinder, many fighter fighters would resist wearing them, or dump them once inside the front door of a burning building. However, technology has now provided […]

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Reducing Overhaul Risks for Firefighters

Exposure risk for firefighters can be reduced with simple tools without compromising a fire mission In the past few years, there has been considerable research to characterize the risks that fire overhaul poses to firefighters.  The Montgomery County Fire/Rescue Service (MCFRS) in Montgomery County, Maryland, addressed this issue.  They used a methodology that was a […]

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The Dangers of Failing to Service Diving Gear

Dive equipment should be renamed life-support equipment.  Proper routine service and care is vital for this equipment to function properly.  Failing to maintain equipment properly can mean the different in life and death. Keeping Equipment in Top Condition Take the case of a diver in 2002 who failed to properly check his equipment before diving […]

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The Importance of Air Purity in Breathing Systems

Divers and fire rescue personnel understand the importance of properly working equipment.  It could mean the difference between life and death.  Typical modern air purity standards set the range for acceptable levels for air purity standards. The quality of air filter replacement parts and compressor filter cartridges can make the difference in meeting these rigorous […]

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